If you’ve been feeling disconnected, lost, frustrated, and without purpose then trust me when I say I’ve been there and I know how bad it can get.  My mission is to pull you out of the water and leave you in a place that’s so much better than simply surviving.

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Paradigms and Patterns

In this lesson, we will delve into the discovery of what it is that's keeping you on autopilot and how to identify with the beliefs that are limiting your self-expression.

Intuition and Pain

In this lesson, you will be guided through some inner work that will begin getting you back in touch with the wise and helpful voice inside your body.

Feeling Like a Fraud

Are you ready for a challenge? This lesson is going to highlight the power of your perceptions and illustrate the way in which keeping your truth a secret will diminish you.

Negative Self-Talk

In this lesson, you will realize how frequently you take an unfair and disempowering view of yourself and you will come to understand that this is a habit which you can change.

What’s the Real You About

Who the hell are you? Do you know? This lesson is going to talk about being overtaken by your own life and wanting to find yourself again. 

Getting Complete

Once you've gone through the 5-day program, you will then have the opportunity to work with Jonathan Tarrant through a 1 on 1 intensive program that is built on these principles.

You No Longer Have to Live In The Story Of Your Past 

Over the next 5 days you will be guided through a journey which will help you to purge the emotions and beliefs that get in the way of your greatness

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Taking a Stand
For Your Greatness

Jonathan is the visionary founder and CEO of Live-More, a platform which is becoming a global engine for social change and personal growth, like the world has never seen before. He has had lots of excellent help along the way, and intends to continue developing ever increasing strength, clarity and peace within himself and especially within those he interacts with.

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5-Day Course Packed With Punch

Dig into some of the most compelling and captivating exercises that are intended to get you out of your own way. The genius power that's inside of you has no limit. Let's explore and discover your strengths. 

Automated & Interactive 

Each day you will receive a new lesson.  Each lesson comes with a video, an audio, a workbook, and a transcript.  This way you can follow along at your own pace and experience the program on your own terms. 

On The Go & At Home

All 5 inspiring course modules can be accessed anytime online, so you can get the Lost and Found Man experience on your own time. 


We need you to begin finding yourself. We need you to start showing up in a way that's responsible and powerful. You hold tremendous skills, talents, and unique abilities. You are a king amongst many and we honour you.


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